Oreily’s rainforest mossy strangle Luke Casey

The tangled mossy roots reach out over the rainforest floor in search of water. This shot was taken near Oreily’s rainforest retreat in the Hinterland south-west of Brisbane.

Oreily's rain forest's mossy tangled roots

Oreily’s rain forest’s mossy tangled roots

The heavy undergrowth and the light seeking canopy created some challenging photographic conditions. A tripod is a must as shutter speeds are often well into seconds. A polariser can really help cut away unwanted glare, which is everywhere in a rainforest lush moist foliage. Again the polariser takes away even more light. I had one exposure of a particularly shaded area, with the polariser on, ISO200, F/8 and it took a 10 second shutter speed to get enough light onto the sensor for a correct exposure. I hope you enjoy.

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