Rocky Mountain shot to remember

One of those shots you remember

clear water Two Jack Lake reflecting rocky mountains

clear calm reflections

You know when you have one of those shots you will always remember. This was one of them for me. It was my birthday a few years back, and I’d managed to get a day out shooting in the mountains in Alberta, Canada. Such a beautiful landscape and for someone like myself who loves to shoot natural landscapes outdoors, this is a great way to spend a birthday 🙂

The lake was really still, little to no wind. The snow high in the mountains is still resisting the oncoming spring melt that’s taking over the valley bottom. Two Jake lake had just lost most of it’s surface ice (still visible on the other side of the lake) and the cold water is crisp and clear. A polariser and some strategic composition positioning and this was the result.

I’m sure other people/photographers have similar images that they have taken in the past that will also tell a different story for them.

Now ,I live in a whole new sub tropical paradise in Brisbane, Australia and a whole new set of memories to capture.

Happy shooting


2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain shot to remember

    1. He He..
      I do miss the mountains for sure ! The minus 20’s snow clearing and ice breaking, no so much..
      My cold winters are now anything below 10 deg and when the kids arn’t in the swimming pool !
      BTW, winter day here today, 28 deg 🙂

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