Water hair flick – frozen with fast shutter speed

H20 mohawk

Frozen hair flick fast shutter speed
Frozen hair flick

I know this concept has been done before, but it was the first time I have actually put some effort into executing it well. My daughter Devan was the main subject for me. I have given her all the specific instructions to try maximise the chances of me getting the shot. She had to hold her head underwater, straighten out all her hair to get it all wet, then flick quickly back to make the water whip off her hair.

I was actually very lucky to time it right and nailed this shot on the second shooting attempt after a few “dry runs”. I couldn’t have expected my daughter to last too much longer. In the end the only thing I might have wanted to work better was a cleaner background, but it’s not that bad.

Tech info

I shoot this with my Nikon D700, which has some great ISO flexibility, allowing me to push the ISO up a bit higher without sacrificing quality and allowing me to get the faster shutter speed required to total freeze the water. I used my Nikkor 300mm F/4 shot wide open. This gave me some separation too. ISO was set at 640 and that gave me a nice 1/3200 second shutter speed, enough to freeze “almost” everything.


2 thoughts on “Water hair flick – frozen with fast shutter speed

  1. Love this! Don’t mind the bands of colour in the background at all since the DOF softens them nicely. Someday I’ll try this although my D60 doesn’t handle high ISO all that well.

    1. Thanks Cindy for the comment. I think if you get the right lighting conditions and reasonably fast lens, then you don’t need to push the ISO very hard. I know the D60 isn’t really renowned for high ISO performance. A shutter speed of 1/1000 or higher would probably be sufficient. But experimenting is the best part. 😉

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