Last night of the year – brilliant sunset at the dock

Last sunset of 2012

Took this on the last evening of the year. The last sunset of 2012. Boy was it a cracker too. The skies always had promise that evening, thin clouds high in the sky. The sun had gone well below the horizon when it really ignited and the colours came out.


I tried to use the docked mono-hull and fleet of tenders to build my foreground. While the dock structure filled the middle part of the scene. Was a perfect photographic end to the year..

Technical notes

On this night I did not have my tripod and usual sunset/sunrise gear. I needed to work a little differently and with this in mind. I knew I needed to keep my shutter speed from getting too slow. I used my 16-35 with VR mode turned on. I shot with a slightly higher ISO of 800 to help the situation. Final shutter speed was 1/50s which worked fine. Luckily my composition wasn’t requiring a very large DOF so I wasn’t forced to stop down so much.

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