Abstract composition looking from above

A different perspective

I was out shooting with my new FujiX100S, which will need to be a subject of another post, and found this shot at a shopping centre food court. The arrangement of tables and chairs in combination with the floor pattern made for an interesting abstract perspective.

abstract, pattern from above, aerialThe Fuji X100S has a fixed prime 28mm F/2 lens (35mm full frame equivalent). For this shot I had to climb a few floors to a higher vantage point to get the perspective I was looking for. There is a very small amount of manual lens correction to account for the slightly off center position. This brought the chairs/ table and floor tiles into a more appealing symmetrical arrangement.

Shot at ISO 2500, which is really no problem for the X100S.  I promise to show a few more shots from the Fuji and maybe a small writeup to talk about how I feel about it. I am enjoying getting acustom to it’s handling and loving the compact portability over my DSLR gear. Although it’s not intended to replace that gear as it fills it’s own niche.

Happy shooting

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