B & W Metal – Harley Davidson

Shiny = great B&W

There is something about shiny silver items and B&W. I’m not sure if it’s because of the high contrast of the tones that translates well, or just that it’s near B&W already.

Harley Davidson B&W

I spotted this nice old Harley that obviously had been well looked after. I started working the angles to see what I could capture that involved this nice Harley.
After a couple minutes this guy dressed in “trade” uniform, comes storming out of the pub and says “ what the f$#^s going on here ? !” and comes charging towards me and his bike. Since I was squatting down near his bike he probably thought I was  tampering with his baby or something. Anyway, once he realised I was only taking photos of his bike he changed his tone completely. Was showing me different components and elements of his bike and personal insignia on his helmet and just about anything that made it unique. I nodded in agreement, like I knew what he was talking about and he allowed me to take a few more shots to get what I wanted. Anyway he proceeded to get onto his bike, now brimming with pride and ready to show me what his bike was all about. (besides noise). So he revs it up a few times and pull out and pins it up the hill. Little did he know there was a speed camera parked out front of the police station just a few doors down. While still in first gear it “flashes” him and I’m sure he is going to get a pleasant surprise in the mail.. I can’t help feel a little bit guilty about it, but I got the shot, and he paid for it.


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