I-phone as a camera – practice your craft

The best camera is the one you have with you !

water beads abstract


I know there are lots of iphoneographers out there, and other mobile photographers and I think it’s great.


I believe that it’s all good practice and the benefit of having something on hand all the time is priceless.


Look at some of the iphone shots that make it to the newspaper and online stories and it’s clear the power of mobile photography.

B&W shadows Sure there is limitations, and there are time where certain shots just aren’t going to be possible.


But I do feel shooting all the time, even if just with what you have, helps develop your eye for composition. Which can only translate to the rest of your photography.

green shadows trees

Ok, so I dumped a few shots off my phone to share. These are all iphone shots, typically edited with snapseed. There are a few other apps I sometimes use. Like: Touch re-touch, great for cloning out stuff. It’s all good fun. These are not images I am going to print large for a wall, but they are fun shots worth sharing over email/phone, which is where most images are shared anyway. Look at the rise of instagram. Still try to use my mobile camera for more than just snap shots, always trying to tell a story.


red room escape

buidling rain

sunrays, iphone

lines patterns


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