Faithful composition – shooting in a church

Mother Mary

mother Mary church

I have a few good photography friends that I draw on for inspiration. We participate in some friendly little photo challenges. Often weekly, sometimes monthly. I find these really beneficial for getting the creative juices going. The theme will get you thinking and planning. Quite often where the idea begins is far removed from where it finally takes you. But this is part of the fun and discovery that is photography.

The shot above was for a theme called “Sacred”. Of coarse I had a bunch of idea that where all over the place.. But I found my final image in a city church, just hours before the theme deadline.

Mother Mary (I think) played a big part in my frame, as did the lines created from the church vaulted ceiling and intricate architecture. When I saw her figure in the church, I knew I had to make it work. It didn’t take long to find the angle I liked and the composition of the image you see above.


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