The Colours of Summer

I can almost hear the ocean

I waded out into the water with the Fuji X100S in hand to capture this picture of my 2 girls, Devan (left) and Ella. This was a hot summer day over the Christmas holidays break on Stradbroke Island. We tried to spend as much time at the beach as possible and this shot captures it perfectly for me.

Summer colours

Tech notes:

I used a polariser, as I quite often to around the water. With the glare removed from the surface of the water, the true deep colours come through. The shallows of Cylinder beach and white sands all combine for this refreshing view. I also used some on board fill flash to help with the shadows on the face. The beauty of the FujiX100S’s leaf shutter, which allows a flash sync speed of 1/1000 second. That is at F/2 (wide open) and the sync speed is fast at smaller apertures. Even with bright sunlight fill flash is possible. I also have a built-in ND filter and the polariser to help cut down the natural light and keep the shutter speed within sync range, without having to close the aperture and kill the DOF.


2 thoughts on “The Colours of Summer

  1. Thanks for the tech notes. The colours are excellent! I have a polarising filter which I have been using and works well. I am looking to buy an ND filter to add to the onboard ND filter, I am thinking 0.9 as I want to really slow down those waves 🙂 Good info on the use of the flash, I have always been wary of using but the result here is great. Cheers Andy

    1. Thanks Andy for the comments.. Appreciate it.
      It does suck a bit that there is no way to turn the ISO down below 200. Although I haven’t yet found a real need for a heavier ND filter, but I do have one and often use it for landscapes when shooting with the D700 and 16-35mm. The only other disadvantage to the fill flash is I can’t work out if I can reduce the flash compensation below -2/3 stop. Which would be nice.. Sometime if you are too close to an item the flash can dominate too much. There are ways around it though..

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