Lonely patron in a colourful bar

Fuji X100S and empty seats

This is one of those shot that really reminds me why I like the Fuji X100S. This one is a handheld ISO1250 shot of an empty bar. Well it wasn’t exactly empty, but the way I framed it with the sole patron made it feel that way. In fact the guy probably wasn’t alone, but that wasn’t the story I was telling.

jpg colours out of cameraI shot this at F2.8, although think It could have maybe got to F/2.2, just for the extra shallow DOF. I focussed on the close empty table and left the sole patron off in the distance. The lighting in the bar and the ceiling worked great in my overall scene. This is a JPG out of camera, with only a slight bump in contrast and watermark added. Fuji’s colour out of camera are quite vibrant, especially with the scene that I had in front of me.


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