crab’s sand balls

Natures moldings

While out one morning for a sunrise shoot, which didn’t eventuate, I stumbled across these small sand balls.They are often found gathered around a crab’s hole in the sand and they are created by the crab’s sand removal as he digs his hole. Sometimes the piles of sand balls can be small, sometimes there are hundreds of these little patty cakes.

sand crab ballsSince the sunrise was uneventful, and I was still keen to get some images, I focused in on a suitable cluster of sand balls that one particularly busy crab had created.

Getting down low onto the sand surface I shot a concentrated patch focusing in on a few select notably symmetrical balls. It was shot with the FujiX100S at F/5.6, but with such a close focus distance, the Depth Of Field is typically pretty small. This added to the effect of an infinite amount of sand balls, as they fade away out of focus.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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