front bokeh spiderweb

Fuji X100S front bokeh

Took this creative attempt of a spider and his out of focus web. The lighting was streaming across the web and created some strong contrast to the shaded background. There had been some light rain and a few drops of water helped the bright light spots, which played nicely into my planned bokeh composition.

front bokehGiven the bright spots of light I tried to see if I could throw them out of focus. Originally I made the spider the focus point and had it in the front of the scene, but using the out of focus portion in front of the “depth of field” I was able to create a nice mystical dreamy bokeh balls.

This is one part of photography that I really enjoy.. Building a scene, idea or concept in your mind and working out a way to execute that idea. There are always challenges in getting your vision captured, but dealing with those challenges in order to find a way to execute is part of the fun.

I hope you enjoy my creative attempts.


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