Phi Phi Leh – the beach

The Entrance to the Beach

This was as we arrived to Phi Phi Leh, where this extremely popular tourist drop in spot. This is the location (Hat Maya) where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. We had a short window of blue sky and sunny conditions, which made it even more popular.

These beautiful lush vegetation covered limestone cliffs rise up out of the bay in spectacular fashion. Create these visually impressive landscapes.

Phi Phi Leh


Knowing what the conditions would be like, I tried to plan well ahead. The shallow waters and clear waters produce some great colours, which are enhanced even further with the use of a polariser to cut the glare off the waters surface. I used this technique for a good portion of the day, and came away with some great images.

I tried to use the approaching speedboat’s trail ahead as a leading line into the scene.


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