Luck favors the prepared

Paths finally cross

I had seen the moon early moon rising before the sun went down and figured I’d grab a few shots. The craters were looking well defined as they do when there is a partial moon.

While shooting I noticed a plane flying close by and had hoped I could get lucky and catch the plane and the moon in the same frame. That would be cool.

1st plane went past, but simply not close enough. I waited another 5-10 mins for another approaching plane, hoping it would take a similar flight path, still too far away to make anything worthwhile.

I conceded defeat and got back to my routine chores. About 1/2 hr later I looked at the moon, and saw another plane approaching !! Ran inside, grabbed my camera, lens cap off, power up while busting out through the door. Looked up, focused and shot 5 continuous frames. I was very happy with this single frame.

flight path

The joy of the hunt for that image and the final excitement will always be captured in this frame..



2 thoughts on “Luck favors the prepared

  1. Nice! Amazing how bright that moon is!

    I always find whenever I forget my camera I see the most incredible shots and when I have my camera I never see them! It’s almost like I close my eyes as soon as I pick up my camera.


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