Shipwrecked tropical sunset

Grounded sunset

Had a great sunset down at Dunwich the other week.

I tried to use the remaining rusted pieces of a old sand barge in the foreground with the anchored catamaran in the shallows behind. A nice calm night helped set the tranquil mood for this shot. Really was a calm mood and I tried to portray that in the composition. A slightly wider aspect ratio help give it a bit broader feel.



7 thoughts on “Shipwrecked tropical sunset

  1. Great shot Luke. Were the ripples in the clouds on the top right part of the natural cloud formation or part of a HDR merge? I’ve always found clouds troubling with HDR.

    1. That Eric. Actually this is a single exposure. I used a graduated ND filter to hold the sky back. A processed RAW file though. The rippled clouds were natural and really the best part. I have a few other compositions I will share soon that take advantage of the ripples in the sky.
      Here is one on my Instagram feed.

      1. Yeah wow that’s impressive. I love the way the sand ripples have matched the ripples in the clouds.

        I’ve got to get a ND filter. I’ve only just started experimenting with filters (only polarizing at the moment) but I’ve seen some of the awesome shots you’ve done with ND so I’ll check one out.


      2. Thanks Erin. The filters I use are graduated ND filters, so they only reduce the amount of light for part of the image, then they transition to clear. Typically they are very good for seascapes where there is a definite line between bright sky and darker foreground. This is where the different transitions can be used. Like hard edge and soft edge. They take a bit to learn how to use, but I liked to get the single raw file as well balanced exposure in the initial capture. HDR blending is fine, just not something I use that often.

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