Converging lines

Go to the light

While out doing a quick shopping trip to the local grocery store, I came across this scene, which I knew I could take advantage of. The long leading lines of the “travelator” and bright light coming from outside combined to create this “lines to eternity” scene. I love finding these types of images, which are all around us everyday, we need to practice our craft and train our photographic eye to see them.

line to eternity

The B&W seemed to be the best representation as there where a few lightly colour panels in the sides that proved to be a distraction. This allow me to focus on the compositional power of the converging lines and bright destination.


Now just for fun, this is the uncorrected version, this doesn’t have the vertical lines adjusted. Personally I like the corrected version that plays into the complete symmetry feel. The corrected does sacrifice a bit more of the image due to cropping from the perspective adjustment. But figured I’d share both either way.

Would love to know which you prefer. ?

lines ot eternity uncorrected




2 thoughts on “Converging lines

  1. Yeah wow thats great. You wouldn’t think it’s a shopping centre… looks to sci fi.

    I prefer the top version. Though that said the bottom, uncorrected version feels slightly retroish almost tron like feel with whats going on in the roof.


    1. Ha ! Thanks Eric.
      Yeah the black section of the roof does add to the shot. When I took it I wasn’t planning the bright section to be so close to the top also.
      Tron ! What a classic movie (original of coarse), with plenty of converging lines.

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