Twilight Silouette after the sunset

A twilight silouette taken from high in the rainforest hinterland

twilight silouette colours after sunset nature

twilight silouette

Took this shot one evening high in the Hinterland West of Gold Coast. The clear skies displayed a very smooth even colourful transition. The tree line created a nice silhouette to compliment the fantastic colours. This was taken well after sunset, but before the daytime glow completely fades away to black.

Technical notes:

Tripod and F/8, 15 seconds ISO640. I had to step back to take this photo and use a longer focal length. If too wide a lens is used the transitions from colour to black is much larger than the tree. By shooting at 70mm I was able to compress the vertical section of colour transition and keep it close to the vertical span of the tree.


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