Clean and offshore

Headed down for a morning surf run to the Tweed River Area south of Coolangatta. Right at the border of NSW and Queensland. What a beautiful section of coastline and we managed to get some nice clean waves and offshore winds, the perfect combination.

offshore and clean nice waves inviting

A clean offshore set rolls through at Duranbah

Stephany Gilmore walking

finding her line to paddle out

Also got a visit from 5  time world champion surf girl Stephanie Gilmore…

OK.. well not quite a visit, but I shot a few  pics of her as she  walking down the beach watching the inviting surf before paddling out.

When she hit the water there was no doubt why she was a 5 time world champion. Seemed she caught twice as many waves as anyone else out there.

Stephany Gilmore carving dbar beach Tweed River

finding her line at Dbar


P.S. Does anyone know how to spell Deebar, or can anyone confirm I got it right.. 🙂 ?

UPDATE: It’s Duranbah  🙂

2 thoughts on “Clean and offshore

  1. You have brought back memories from a year spent in Australia over 30 years ago. My husband and I enjoyed some wonderful times up and down this coast and enjoyed watching the surfers very much. I can hear and smell the surf from your wonderful images.

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