Funpark roller coaster corkscrew shot for Dynamic motion blur

Streaking corkscrew blur

Executed this shot of a corkscrew streaking by utilising a slow shutter.

motion blur from a speeding corkscrew ride

Streaking corkscrew speeding by

techical notes:

I used a polarising filter, which not only helped with the deep blue sky and wispy clouds, also helped cut down the light and allow me to get the slow shutter I was looking for. Stopped down the aperture to F/22, ISO turned way down to ISO100 and my resulting shutter speed was down to 1/3 second. I did not have a tripod, so had to use what I had around me. I used a fence post and created a three point support between my two legs and the fence post. The first rollercoaster was a trial, the second was the execution. The shot makes it appear the roller coaster is going into the page, but it’s actually going out to the top right. The red roller coaster popped immensely against the deep blue polarised sky.


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