Sunrise break through at a far North Queensland Seascape Australia

Tropical sunrise in Far North Queensland

Made it out for a sunrise while on vacation in Far north Queensland. This was taken at Ellis beach.

Topical sun rays sunrise at Ellis beach rocks

Sunrays break through at Ellis beach in Far North Queensland

While on vacation in Cairns in the Tropical Far North I managed to sneak out from the family cabin in the early morning hours. I drove north in search of a seascape location to shoot the sunrise. Managed to find a small group of rocks facing out over the East. I built my composition with the rocks and moving water to create a nice line out and even balance. As the sun rose it broke through the clouds and created a nice sunrays effect and the clouds above gave a nice coloured glow, which fit in nicely with my framing.

There is something very enjoyable about being out early in the morning before sunrise. I really enjoy chasing those magic hour moments, especially when I am in a nice location,  setup and ready to shoot. Sometimes you spend all this time and effort to get out early (without waking the wife and kids), get to your location, set up your shot, ensure your gear and filters are ready and the weather doesn’t play it’s part. But that’s fine, because the average to poor conditions only make the times you get a glimpse into some natural beauty, all that more worth while.


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