The composition is looking up

I had envisioned this shot in my mind for some time. I had several elements that I wanted to include. I wanted something with strong contrast to it and grey tones to work in B&W. I was looking for nice symmetrical shapes that could be linked together.  I scoured Google maps looking for the right location that fit my needs.

abstract B&W view looking up at the buildings

abstract view looking up at the buildings

This location fit my needs and providing the architecture to help my composition. I wondered around the lane way for a few minutes, studying the lines and shapes, building a scene that tied it all together. There was very overcast skies and rain passing through. I got of a couple test shot before it started raining quite heavy. I moved back to a nearby coffee shop to clean my gear and wait for the break in the weather. About 1/2 hr later I had an opportunity and the above image is a result of that. Bright overcast skies tied into my composition and I exposed to emphasis the sky and slightly overexpose it. This gave it the diminishing contrast feel that hopefully draws your eye into the tunnel of lines and about the abstract pattern.

This was another personal challenge I set out for myself and the search for the shot in my minds eye and the search for the physical location turned out to be a great learning process.

Could this go on a corporate boardroom wall ?

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