Osprey’s little back rub to get into the mood

Bird of Prey

Ospreys claws into another osprey

Little backrub to get her in the mood

While out on the water in Morton Bay off the coast from Brisbane. We stumbled across these Osprey that lived out in a nearby nest, on a channel marker. The Osprey circled around and attempted to land on the other. There was other locations the Osprey could have landed, so it was definitely a deliberate act.

Eventually the Osprey did land on the other, before taking off and circling around again. I can only assume it was part of a mating ritual or courtship between the birds. Now that I think of it, they probably think it’s weird human take their partners out to dinner, drink wine and go dancing 🙂

Looking at those outstretched talons makes me pretty glad I’m a human. 🙂 I was just happy to be in the right place at the right time to capture this just as the outstretch claws were exposed. I shot this with the Nikon 300mm F/4 lens, with a 1.4X Teleconverter on the Nikon D90 (1.5 x cropped sensor). So effectively making it a 630mm lens (Full frame equivalent).

gliding osprey, bird of prey

Soaring above




Note: these are not the same Osprey.


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