Lightning storm in Brisbane

A few strikes from the night

lighning strike crazy brisbane

Had a really interesting weekend in Brisbane. Several severe thunderstorms rolled through, with the bigger storm hitting our area on Saturday evening and into the night.

I spend a good portion trying to capture some lightning looking out from our back deck. I must have took 50 or so shots, but nothing eventuated like I wanted. All lighting above the clouds that end up lighting up the entire sky, which doesn’t make for the most appealing photos.

lighning strike with palm tree silouette

Later in the night another cell moved through and I made my way out to the garage to try get a better position as the storm rolled in. I had a few shots that were ok, but a large front was moving in and some big strike started getting closer. At this point I had decided to stop right down, as the bright strikes were bordering over exposure. I needed some way to hold back the intense lightning, so I could capture it in a single exposure.

Finally I settled in at F/10, ISO100 and 15 second exposures. Which worked out to be a nice balance between capturing  something decent, as apposed to underexposing all the little strikes. I was glad I had set it that way, otherwise the big multiple strike Shown at top) would have just blown out completely.


thunderstorm Brisbane

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