Sit back and enjoy the view – Rocky Mountains

Resting point

chair with a view of the Rockies

rocky mountain resting point

Took this shot in early autumn in Kananaskis Country in Alberta Canada. This old wooden chair made a great foreground and tied in nicely into the overlooking view. The mountain in the distance is Mt Kidd and the kannanskis village is just off too the right.

I tried to build the frame and scene to imply the relaxing mood of sitting back for a rest to take in the grandeur. I was lucky enough to get some stormy skies that helped add some drama to the scene. The soon to change to yellow foliage added a colourful touch to the composition.

I like to think the scene works as there are layers of interest. Starting with the old wooden chair, which points out into the colourful green valley and onto the mountains and the dramatic skies.

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