Deadly compostion – sunset in a graveyard

cross the line

grave sunset

I remember this shot well. I had about 30 mins window between dropoff and pickup of my daughters Scouts. The sun had just began setting and I was quickly looking for somewhere to capture a scene. I saw the interesting ridge of clouds and was hoping it would light up as the sun went below the horizon. The nearby cemetery was close and I had to do it.

I drove in and by now the ridge was starting to light up. I needed to move quickly. I respectfully made my way down a roadway looking for a tombstone of interest. Just something I could use to build into a scene. Then I found this old wooden cross sitting askew and figured I had to take advantage.

I used the sloping cross, grave and the ridge of clouds and build them into the scene. I tried to play on the diagonal lines of the 3 elements. I think I was there for maybe 3-4 minutes before the colour faded and the impact was gone.


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