line and patterns in the sand and sky form a composition

Sand pattern

sand texture lines and sunset

simple lines

Simple Composition

This shot is one I really liked. Quite often I go out shooting and the images I bring home have a variety of different compositions and styles. I always find myself drawn to the simple compositions. Uncluttered, clean lines and shapes create the foundation for a simple effective composition. The more that is included in the frame is more items that can sometimes take away from the scene, making it too busy with too many focal points and distractions, not allowing the eye to find it’s path and enjoy the image. At this exact location just metres away is a great old ship wrecked sand barge. I did shoot the barge in a few shots, but find myself coming back to this textured sand shot for it’s simplicity.

For this shot I set my 055 Manfrotto tripod up in the horizontal post position and spread the legs out to allow the camera to sit in a portrait orientation as close to the sand as possible. I think the lens was about 10cm from the sand. Low enough that I got myself all sandy from getting down on the ground while composing. I know I have live view, but I just find sometimes I prefer to be looking through the viewfinder. (especially if positioning a filter, but that’s another story)

I found the best section of textured sand and worked it into my vertical framing. The low setting sun cast some nice shadows over the low tide sand ripples, exaggerating it’s hypnotic pattern. I tried to use the lines in the sky and the position of the setting sun and created a composition of lines and shapes to keep your eye circling around. I was lucky to get some great clouds, that really tied in well to my scene.

Tech notes

Shot with the 16-35@16mm, F/14, 1/15ss and I was using a 3 stop reverse grad filter.


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