Yashica Mat – 1957 Medium format camera first roll

The film plunge

1957 Yashica Mat Medium Format film analog

1957 Yashica Mat Medium Format film camera

It wasn’t something I thought I would really get into. I have a capable digital setup and decent selection of lens choices.. Why would I want to try an early 1957 medium format film camera ? I asked myself the same question. 🙂

So I always liked the look of the old TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) cameras. Even if just as a mantelpiece ornament. I always thought they were historically cool. The whole Medium format appeal was something I could understand, given that I still remember the joy of moving from a cropped sensor to a full frame sensor. I had heard the rumors of what types of resolution you could pull from a medium format film negative. If you took the time and effort to follow through with a quality scan, there was more pixel information you could ever hope for.

I figured if I am going to get one, It might as well be functional ! Well I was glad I did get an operating camera in the end. It turned out to be a great exercise for me. Slowed me down and made me much more careful in my shot choice. With only 12 exposure, all manual focus, manual exposure and no meter to use as a guide. It was a whole new experience and the joy of composing a new square format looking down through the glass viewfinder was something I didn’t expect..

A few things I noticed is there seems to be much more exposure flexibility in film. More latitude in exposure. Highlight don’t just blow away into nothing like Digital. Grain is grain and not noise and It also didn’t bother me at all.

Anyway.. Here are a few shots from the first roll. I don’t think they are that special, but I enjoyed the exercise enough that it has kept me motivated for the next roll, and even got me out shooting with my 35mm film, Nikon FM. So many films out there to test out now..


Medium format film portrait

Portrait of my daughter Devan

medium format

Old timer tractor

the writing on the wall

the writing on the wall

medium format building architecture film

interior building abstract

8 thoughts on “Yashica Mat – 1957 Medium format camera first roll

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew. Yeah it is easy to dismiss the old cameras for the latest bells and whistles that are available. But as you say they are very capable.
      Not sure about a Yashica Mat 645? Do you mean a Yashica Mat 124 ? Maybe the Pentax 645. Anyway a missed old beauty by the sounds of it 😉

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