Another roll of Film – Tmax 400

I have been messing around with film for a little while now. In comparison to a lot of seasoned film shooters, I’m a total film noobie. I have written about it on a few posts. Here about Medium Format and here also about some Ektar colour film.

I still shoot a mix of digital and film. Depends on what I’m shooting. I do like carrying just one small film camera and one lens. Eliminate a lot of factors and simplifies the shooting. There no complications of deciding what lens to carry, what style of shooting, what am I targeting  It’s just simplified !

brick wall street surfer

I get a window of opportunity to street shoot about once a week. Wondering the streets I normally take my Nikon FM with a 50mm F/1.4. All manual exposure and focus. Human powered zoom, composition and framing !

girl lay down

Here’s a few random street shots that caught my eye. Moments in time of random events. I do like the hunt for interesting images on the street. But I really hate when you see a scene unfold in front of you and you watch the moment pass by. Like a missed opportunity never to return again. Based on that I try to now let myself shoot more instinctual. If It doesn’t work out then it only a missed shot, but I figure there is more chance of capturing something special.

bokeh, flowers, texture

Until that special moment arrives, enjoy some of my other shots..  🙂

street seat

Tractor, rust, analog

bokeh, mary, church

abstract lines

buildings, lines, greyscale

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