Ektar 100 colour film texture-shot with the Nikon FM

From the Nikon FM

A couple quick snaps from a roll I pushed through the Nikon FM. All shot with the 50mm F/1.4. I  do like what shooting film does to me, makes me think more, slows me down and makes me shoot with more intent, rather than banging off randoms. I’m forced to take one shot of a situation, and make it work. Rather than shoot 20 and pick the one that worked out best.

textures and prickels

textured shadows

This old fence post had lot of character and charm. My first impression was to not include the chain in the frame, but I ended up including it.

texture rust and chains

aged fence post

Shot of my youngest daughter Ella in the playground on Stradbroke Island. I was lying in the sand for this one and Ella thought that was pretty funny.

portrait, playground

playground, circles


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