Soaring over the shallows – whitehaven beach

sandy lines

Hill's inlet shallows

soaring through the lines

Taken while on a visit to the Hill inlet at Whitehaven beach in the beautiful Whitsunday Island, Queensland. I have taken a few shot at this beach, here at this post and it truly is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We trekked up the side of the hill to this lookout and were enjoying the beautiful view. I noticed a Brahminy Kite, cruising along the ridge soaring in the lift, moving down the ridge towards us.

I quickly took note of the scene around me to see how I could incorporate the soaring bird of prey into a landscape shot, knowing I had no chance of changing to a longer lens. Since we were elevated above the kite I thought looking down over him would probably work. I pre-set my focus point to where I wanted in the lower right, knowing he would pass below very soon.

I framed my scene to try emphasize the waving lines in the sand and tie in the bird as a focal point in the juxtaposition. I was reasonably happy with the framing although would have liked to had a longer lens on. This was shot at 70mm on my full frame D700.


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