Visual digest – grand view out over the valley landscape

layered landscape

visual digest valley fog sunset layers grand

grand landscape

Took shot in Lamington National Park at Oreily’s retreat. Storms and showers had lashed the area for a the past few days and late in the evening the clouds just started to lift as the sun was setting.. This created a surreal layers in the showery mist covering the mountains.

It had a feeling of depth that was hopefully brought across in this image. I felt the image had several layers of interest, which is where the name came from “Visual digest”. If you read my post last week, where I talked about composition, this is another example of the composition giving the 2D image some 3rd depth dimension. Leading the eye out into the valley to enjoy the visual digest.


tech notes

This was a single exposure, I had to carefully balance the exposure to try not to over expose the bright sections of the sky, yet try to expose enough of the foreground foliage I did crop the image slightly to give a wider aspect ration ,which seemed to suit the image much better.

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