A splash of green new growth add contrast to fire effected area

New growth after controlled burn

new growth after controlled burn, charcoal branches

The vibrant green new growth of the grass tree after a controlled burn

Mother nature rebounds awfully quick after a fire. The nutrient returned to the soil generate some rapid regrowth in a lot of species. Normally the grass tree has lots of past needles, but these ones have been trimmed by the controlled burn. The grass trees which can take a long time to grow, estimated to grow about 5-6cm per year. Now there are about 25 species in the family, I have no idea which ones these are. The larger tree off to the right is about 7-8ft tall. So it could have taken 400 years to get to that height.


I had been out shooting the sunrise at nearby Point Lookout. The weather didn’t cooperate, but that’s fine. I’m always on the lookout for a new scene to photograph. As I drove past this area that had been part of a controlled burn. I noticed all the black trees and burn out forest floor. At first it wasn’t really inviting, but then I noticed some patches of colour coming from the grass trees. I pulled over and went investigating. The patch of grass trees in the shot was a very concentrated area of them, perfect for photographing.


3 thoughts on “A splash of green new growth add contrast to fire effected area

  1. I love to watch how nature recovers, what species first populate an area. These seem ‘placed’ there, almost arranged – very interesting – compared to the wild hodgepodge of forbs that spring up in the boreal forest after a burn.

    1. It definately was a small concentrated area of these grass tree. It’s funny because 100m in one direction from that location and there isn’t any grass trees.. So likely a pattern of it’s own germination I guess. Definately not new trees, just the new shoots coming out of the resiliant charred “trunk”. I have seen it in various other area on Stradbroke Island too. Thanks for the comment Cindy.

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