Grass trees regrowth after fire – Stradbroke Island

Bushfires in Australia

bush fire grass tree


Fires are a part of life in Australia. When the conditions are right fires can burn and travel very rapidly. I had previously written this blog post about grass tree regrowth. Since then another larger fire swept across the island and I was able to get out and shoot a few more images from the damaged areas.
grass tree fire

I am truly amazed at how quickly they rebound. These were taken just over a week after fire ripped through the area completely burning everything. Somehow the grass trees seem to thrive on it, and appear to shoot very quickly after such trauma.

regrowth grass tree fireThere are over 40 variety of grass tree, and some grass trees grow as slow as 4-6cm per year. Some of trees in this area must be extremely old and have likely fought through several fire in seasons past. Lucky for me I am able to enjoy their regrowth and splash of colour it adds to a monotones landscape.


abstract grass tree

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