Panning blur with the Fuji X100S

A panning blur test shot

One I took recently while out with the trusty little Fuji.

I picked a pretty slow shutter speed as I really wanted to get the blur effect. What helped is I had a nice vantage point slightly elevated above the bike path. This gave me the ability to execute the pan with quite a bit of success.

slow shutter blur motionI chose a shutter speed of 1/15 which is a relatively slow shutter speed for panning. But there are plenty of variables like focal length, distance to subject and travelling speed that all play into account when getting just the right mix of blur and sharpness. This guy riding with his hand off the handlebar was the perfect subject.  It is a good fun challenge to get a panning blur shot that your happy with. Shortly after this shot my battery died, which is probably my biggest gripe about the camera. Read my little write up on the Fuji X100S here.

Happy shooting.

2 thoughts on “Panning blur with the Fuji X100S

  1. Cool shot Luke!
    Maybe you are a chimper? are you using the LCD screen to compose the/this shot? I turn mine off and use the VF and find the battery life ok.

    1. Ha ! No I am not an extensive chimper! 😉
      But I do have the review turned on. Might have to try switch it off.
      I went out fully charged at 10am and my battery was done with maybe just 50 shots at 6pm. The problem is I don’t turn the camera off and the aperture is opening and closing constantly. Think it kills the battery that way. Not so much the LCD.

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