B&W Abstract – inside out

Symmetrical B&W tones

tones, B&W greyscale

Found this abstract view looking up through a lobby glass section. The window frame and the towering buildings tied in together to create this symmetrical view. I used to think these kind of shots were impossible to find, reserved for only special city that had such architecture. Truth is I have been shooting a lot more B&W lately, thanks to the arrival of the Fuji X100S. I seem to be “seeing” a bit more in B&W. Previously the B&W came to me in post production, now I find I am seeing the shots before taking them. I guess it’s just practice, but I do like the weights B&W images put on other compositional elements, rather than using colour as a key element. Not that I don’t like colour, but the shift in balance has made it refreshing to shoot again.

I’m sure it’s just a phase. But part of the real joy of photography..


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