patterns of shadows

The architectural pattern

The ABC building facade and texture created a great pattern of shadows that caught my eye. Seems I find these kind of scenes more and more lately. Might be because I am visualizing better, or I’m looking for it more now that I am shooting a bit more B&W.

shadow pattern

B&W really helps this type of image, as the colour is removed as a distraction. Allowing the lines and pattern take power in the composition. I love finding these kind of scenes especially as they are often right in front of us. With the Fuji X100S set in B&W mode, with say a red filter switched on, I can see a live B&W view of the scene, which ultimately gives me a sneak peak at what could be the finished product. I don’t use this very often, but at times it’s a nice way to preview a scene and see if your reading the colour interpretation correctly.


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