Geometric shapes and patterns

B&W JPG out of camera Fuji X100S

Took this one while wondering around Brisbane city. The shot has the appearance of being a composite with the diagonal lines through the frame. This was a single shot straight out of camera, B&W obviously with a (digital) red filter. I chose a tall vertical frame to take advantage of the available textures. The tones of the shadows and the geometric shapes and lines play together nicely to create a collage of patterns.

diagonals, shadows

I have been shooting a lot more B&W lately. I like that it’s a bit more primitive as it eliminated colour as a distraction, allowing the fundamentals of composition to play more of a role in gathering your attention. Or maybe it just shifts the weight of those tools. Either way I enjoying shooting it and that is important. I’m sure it will pass, but I know I will be back.


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