Laterals Compositions – seeing something different

There are interesting compositions everywhere

pipes, drains, yellowSomething a bit different.. I like it when you stumble across something that catches your eye. I could have walked past this hundreds of times and never noticed, but saw something bright in the hotel utilities entrance that I had to take a closer look. The pipework hanging under the ceiling had just recently been painted to comply with some building codes. The bright yellow in contrast to the grey background was hard not to shoot.

I try to always challenge my own compositions, and this was no different. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I took finding and shooting it.

Ironically while I was wondering around the lane way finding my angle, the building maintenance manager approached me and asked If he could help me. He then proceeded to say, “what are you doing ?” I told him the colourful pipework had caught my eye, but I’m not completely convinced he believed me. I got my shot and moved on.

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