Fuji X100S – Big landscape Flare

Is the Fuji X100S a landscape camera ?

mountain flareTook a weeks vacation with my wife in New Zealand. I decided to pack light for a camera, and only took my Fuji X100S. Now this was a real test for me. I am a die-hard landscape photographer and love nothing more than the scenic landscape of NZ to take advantage of. But since this was a snowboarding vacation with just my wife and I (No kids), I decided to pack light and only with the one camera. No tripods, not even a grad filters, although I do regret that part.. well maybe not..

Anyway It turned out to be a good experience.. No weighty backpack to drag me down, only my camera and my ideas. If the limitation of focal length, shutter speed or filters was an issue, then I wasn’t thinking about the right shot. I deliberately tried not to harp on what I don’t have, but more effort focusing on making images with what I do have. The constraints force you to make the most of what you have, and concentrates your effort.

Now, one thing is for sure.. The FujiX100S is definitely capable, and the high ISO coupled with F/2 glass does give you a bit more flexibility to manage the low light. I did notice the Fuji X100S does not handle shooting directly into the sun. Well it handles it fine ,but does exhibit some pretty serious flaring. Having shot a lot of landscapes with the 16-35 Nikon lens, which IMO handle shooting directly into the sun really well.  But rather than let it ruin my shot, I added it to the image. Tried to tie it into the composition.

So, to answer the question.. Is the Fuji X100S a landscape camera.. Sure it is.. why wouldn’t it be.. It really is in the mental attitude and approach. Look at it for what you have, not what you think your missing, and the amount of time wasted is reduced and your shots will benefit. Look for more landscape images from my Fuji in the coming weeks.

Happy shooting

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