lead me to the mountains – FujiX100S landscape

Vertical for a change

NZ landscape FujiX100STook this vertical shot of some low evening light that cast across the ridgeline. I saw the pathway winding it’s way down the ridge and new I wanted to incorporate it into my composition. The low light created some really strong contrast that helped make the pathway really stand out.

The distant snow capped mountains and wispy clouds worked in well and I was able to build the scene you see. This was shot with the Fuji X100S, shot the maximize the DOF (Depth of Field). Shot at F/16 with the focus point set on the pathway in the foreground. Typically I shoot Landscapes with very wide angle lenses, so this is a bit of a change in perspective for me, but I feel the same composition rules apply, regardless of the focal length.

Was pretty happy with how it turned out.


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