Tranquil lake – FujiX100S

Stillness after the sun goes down

FujiX100S landscapeShot this one on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown New Zealand. The sun had set behind the mountains and the twilight glow was just starting to kick in. I found a small sections of rocks and built the scene you see above. I liked how the twilight colours reflected of the calm lake water and silhouetted the rocks nicely. I tried to build 2 diagonal lines, one from the rocks leading out to the left, then diagonal along the mountains leading to the colourful horizon line and mountain silhouette in the distances.

Tech note:

Shot with the Fuji X100S. because it was later twilight I was able to manage the high dynamic range of the scene, although obviously some of the mountains had to be exposed fairly dark, in comparison to the colourful skies and water. I did not have any graduated density filters with me, and plan to pack a few for my next Fuji outing to give it a test.


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