The wagon left behind – New Zealand

another FujiX100S – New Zealand Landscape

FujiX100s LandscapeFound this old wagon while touring around the Queenstown area in New Zealand. The wagon was covered in moss and the aging wood gave it so much character, how could I not incorporate it into a scene.

It was a bit tough lighting coming through the trees, but I did what I could. I am finding the Fuji X100S is quite capable as a landscape camera. The only challenge I am finding is my landscapes typically were shot with very wide angle lenses, around the 16mm (full frame) which is quite the contrary to the 35mm equivalent on the X100S. Not necessarily a problem, just required some perspective correction in my minds eye, when building compositions in front of me. Some may say that you should just “use your feet to zoom !” I find that only partially true, as the change in perspective will only change with the focal length, not with the focus distance. But I try not to treat it as a limitation, and try focus on what I have to work with and what’s in front of me. A good outlook regardless of the gear available.


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