Queenstown city lights – twilight hour

Fuji X100S night shot

twilight, city lights

The Queenstown city lights and beautiful Rermarkable mountains in the background were the subjects in this twilight exposure.

Shot during the twilight, right when the ambient light in the sky balances with the artificial lights from the town. Whenever I am shooting during this time I always wait for that balance. Depending where you are and what your subject is, will determine just how quick that happens and at what time.

If this was shot 10 minutes later the sky/mountains would be much darker and the city lights much brighter. If it was shot 10 minutes earlier the sky would be brighter and the city lights wouldn’t have as much impact. Obviously finding the right balance is a bit of personal preference, but the balance will move fairly quickly and it’s nice to be prepared for it.

I shot this with the Fuji X100S, at ISO200 and a shutter speed of 6 seconds. I did not have a tripod and used a viewing platform binoculars to steady my camera and the delayed shutter timer to ensure I wouldn’t move the camera when pushing the shutter button.

I was pretty happy with the result.

Enjoy and happy shooting.

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