using a polarizer – before and afters

some interesting shots

Showing the comparison of a few shot with the polariser and without. I have done a post similar to this before on this post, should you use a polariser

Now keep in mind these are examples where I know the effect of the polariser is at it’s greatest, so the difference is quite dramatic. But living in Brisbane, where the day time sun can be very strong, having the polariser can really help to tame the tough light.

polariser comparison

All the shots are unedited raw files with only slight crops to ensure consistent framing. At first glance, it would appear that the sun was behind a cloud, but the truth is once the glare is removed from all the foliage, the colours of the leaves really shines through. Likewise the whispy clouds pop and show more contrast, as does the shallows in the water.
Australian bush view with and without

Both of these pairs of shots where taken seconds apart, with just an 180 deg rotation of the circular polariser. I am not taking the filter right off, which may be slightly different.. Another thing to test I guess.

As an avid landscape photographer, I find I’m always considering the polariser and it’s effects simply can’t be replicated in post. and therefore I consider it as a must have accessory.


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