Australian bush trail- nature shots

Took a few shots while out with my trusty Fuji X100S, in the bush on an old trail that winds its way around part of Stradbroke Island. The lush green jungle, mixed with old gum trees made for some nice Australian scenes.

When I returned to Australia after 10 years abroad, I was blown away by the natural beauty in Australia, especially in sub tropical Queensland. It gave me new photographic life as a nature photographer, taking a second look at what I had often taken for granted.

I tried to take advantage of that beauty in front of me and build it into a few shots. If nothing else it’s therapeutic walking the trail, with nothing more than the quiet click of your shutter actuation and the sounds of nature.

trail bark

Here’s another of some of the great natural beauty, in this backlit canopy shot.

canopy foliage

and thirdly, a shallow DOF shot, which turned out pretty different..

bokeh canopy

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