Dolphin Encounter – Stradbroke Island

Smart animals

While the act of feeding a wild dolphin is sometimes frowned upon, there no denying the joy it can bring to a human when an encounter occurs. These dolphins are well versed in the routine. Likely travelling over from nearby Tangalooma from their usual hand feeding grounds. Such a smart animals quickly learn what it has to do to get a response from the humans.

Dolphin feeding

For this shot, I try to contain my kids excitement and think about it the shot for a few seconds before racing in there.. I found a precarious wooden ledge to hand off to get a better angle. I use a polariser to help cut the glare off the water and really allow the dolphin to stand out clear. I obviously set that up prior to the shot. Luckily the dolphin made a great pass up towards my daughters Devan and Ella, and even turned back to grab the food. My youngest daughter got a little over excited and decided it was a good time to pat the dolphin, which I managed to time perfectly. Was happy to have the moment captured.


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