Thailand – Water lily

simple lily

Found this beautiful little lily in the resort grounds where we were staying. Although just another flower shot, I worked hard to select my framing and lighting to make it the best it could be. I had some nice strong diffused light and just needed to position myself to take advantage. Fresh rain had provided some water drops to give it some extra interest. I shot at F/5.6, given the close focus it was going to be a bit shallow. Focusing on the tip of the flowers head and exposing for the whites in the flower to not jeopardise it’s fine detail. This in turn underexposes any darker areas, which adds to the isolation and allow a few drops of water in the background to go nicely out of focus. I was quite happy with the final resulting image.

Thailand water lily

Hope you enjoy the image.


2 thoughts on “Thailand – Water lily

    1. Thanks Jackie I agree a print would come out ok. I really need to print more. Good advice for any photographer. Hard copy images have much more power than those stuck in the cyber realm. 😉

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