Bamboo rafting through the Thailand jungle

A memory maker

This was probably one of my favorite shots from our family vacation to Thailand.

On one of our day tours we headed north from Phuket into the province of Phang Nga. One of the destinations was a bamboo rafting down a local river. The locals “poled” us down the river cascading through dense tropical jungle, winding between a few local villages. At this one location there were a few locals workers gathering, while bamboo rafts were being repaired. A pedestrian bridge crossing the river set the scene perfectly.

jungle adventureI instructed my daughter to position herself as we approached the bridge. As the raft rotated our guide came into the frame. My daughters position, the rafts angle, the bridge and the locals all came together for that one moment and made the elements for my composition.

This shot was taken with a compact lumix all weather camera that I used due to the possibility of getting wet. Maybe not the best option for the greatest quality output,  but the content is the key here and will always remain captured for our family and hopefully for my daughter also. The day she rafter down a river in the Thailand jungle.

Hope you enjoy the shot, I know it’s a special one for my family.



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