Zig Zag pattern

Well happy new year to everyone who bothers to read this.. 🙂 Especially to my followers. I hope this all finds you well in 2015. I apologize for my lack of posts over the Christmas/New years break.

It was a bit of a crazy end to 2014, with a storm that passed through Brisbane hitting our house (or nearby) and sending a surge through the network cable, which fried my motherboard.. I thought I was smart and disconnected my power cable, but neglected to consider the Cat5 connection.. Anyway, No data was lost but I had to purchase a whole new machine, which was good and bad. The good, specking out a new fast machine (and new surge protector) and then the bad: paying for it.

Hopefully will be returning to some more regular posts now, since I also got my self a Fuji X-T1 and some new glass to go with it.. Should be plenty more to follow.

Here one I took late last year, while out hunting for patterns.



2 thoughts on “Zig Zag pattern

    1. Thanks Andy. Its actually working out nicely with a new machine and a new camera. Its renewed some creativty. The X-T1 is a nice little camera, especially with the new added features from the latest firmware. Thanks for the reply.

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