colourful closure – bridge theme

pastel reflections

While out trying to find a photo for a friendly theme “bridge”.. I stumbled across this beautifully landscaped section in a local golf coarse with a featured pebble bridge. (trust me there is a bridge in there.. 🙂 )

I knew if I timed it well and got the right light I could make something out of it. After a early dinner with the family I managed to time our return home travelling via the site. As my luck would have it just the right conditions with high clouds and a clear horizon, which created a nice colouful clouds high in the sky, perfect for my concept in my mind.

bridge coarse

The nearby old gum trees added character, all I needed to do was frame it all build the final scene. Only problem is I didn’t have a tripod.. 😦 So was forced to shoot higher ISO, but I have decided to stop worrying about noise and deal with making the best image with what I had. Thankfully the Fuji handle some higher ISO pretty well. I did shoot in RAW, so lightroom’s noise reduction helps also.  Shot with the FujiX-T1 and the 10-24 lens.


Oh, just for reference, here was my other bridge shot I took. Ironically reflection related too. !

reflecting story

Hope you enjoy the scenes.


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